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The Fitness Pro Mentors team helps educated trainers, like you, MAKE IT RAIN!

Brandon Green, Founder

With more than seventeen years as a veteran personal trainer and ten years as an international leader in biomechanics & fitness business education, Brandon Green is the Owner/Operator of Newmarket, Ontario’s largest personal training studio, Strata Internal Performance. Strata implements strategic exercise solutions to solve movement and pain problems for its clients. 

Brandon is also the founder of Fitness Pro Mentors, a personal training business education platform designed to help trainers and gym owners build lucrative and sustainable business models. 

Through Fitness Pro Mentors, Brandon shares his considerable expertise in marketing, biomechanics and business management to offer comprehensive and customized business solutions for trainers. He believes every aspiring professional trainer should be able to access leading edge business, marketing, and sales insights to help them create the career of their dreams. 

In August of 2020, Brandon launched the Fitness Pro Mentors Podcast, showcasing interviews with industry titans who offer valuable MBA-level business tips, tricks and insights for listeners.

Brandon infuses his every interaction, whether one-on-one or in international presentations, with an authentic, informed, and passionate commitment to finding new ways of making safe and healthy fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere.



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Taylor Pleschberger

Taylor is a passionate exercise professional with a dedication for learning. 


Growing up playing sports like hockey and soccer developed his love for being active. His interest in the human body led him down the path of formal study into the body and exercise. After completing the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Durham College, Taylor felt the drive to learn more. He furthered his knowledge in exercise mechanics and anatomy to better help his clients. 


At this time, Taylor began to observe changes taking place in people around him. Older family members and friends were not doing as much or moving as well as they used to due to pain or loss of strength. He saw the toll this took on their quality of life and thought there must be something that could help. This is the time that Taylor’s career path changed from doing exercise just for performance, to exercise for a better life. For over 5 years now Taylor has been dedicated to helping his clients with their exercise and muscle health related goals.  


As a exercise and muscle system specialist, Taylor enjoys helping people get back to the things they want to do. He knows that the better your muscles work, the better you will live and feel.  

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Glen Owen

My name is Glen, and I help people like you grow their fitness business.


I used to despise marketing: it felt uncomfortable, overwhelming, and confusing. I got lucky that I met Brandon and had some other amazing mentors who showed me how to re-frame my marketing efforts, and exactly what I needed to do to grow my business.


Over the past 4 years I’ve coached and taught exercise professionals (just like you) on how to transform their marketing and businesses from upsetting and frustrating, to enjoyable and profitable. I love findinging the leverage points for each professional I work with, and help make them a game changer that helps their business soar.













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